My Pink Posie



Ya’ll have already seen this picture, as it is in my first post, but I absolutely love it. I took it in my backyard with my very first camera when I lived in Alabama. I got my first camera when I was seven, so it wasn’t some fancy camera with all those special features I now take for granted. It looked something like this 👇🏿 but not as nice!


It was functional, but because it had to endure the Casady household, it was dying, a slow, miserable death. None of my pictures looked nice, no matter how hard I tried. And then, one day, I uploaded photos to the computer, bracing myself for even more disappointment, and lo and behold! I had this. I was so excited. This photo has been minimally edited, all I’ve done is sharpened the image a little bit. Other than, that, this was the final good image I got from that camera. I replaced it five years later.













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